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  Public Ticket #3097801
"Back to Home" icon appearing blue


  • nckreuz started the conversation

    Hello. I am trying to add a button at the bottom of this page that reads "Back to home". When I go into the settings and add a website link to it, it comes in as a hyperlink color. I adjusted the colors and they should appear brown. If I take the link off of the button, it goes back to the colors I set for it. Why is it changing colors like this? It looks like its turned into a hyperlink and overriding the color.

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    Alexander replied


    Can you please provide a screenshot/link to this issue? 

    Thanks, Alex

  • nckreuz replied

    Thank you for your reply! I'd be happy to provide a link:

    If you scroll to the bottom, It is viewable right above recent posts. I'm trying to add a section for arrow to the next project and a home button.