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Raise Funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces

  Public Ticket #3096846
logo and footer


  • lasalarie started the conversation

    Hi,  I  would like to put the logo on the left side because the menu goes on the logo.

    Also How can i change the color of the footer menu which is black?

    Kind regards


  •  58
    Alexander replied

    Hello. Sorry for the long delay, we live in Ukraine and the situation here is very difficult now... We are rarely able to respond in time

    - About left-side logotype: unfortunately, this feature is not available in the theme yet, but I will include this feature in the next update.
    - About footer background color: by default, the footer has a Dark Color background (from the color scheme settings), but if you want to change its color, I will add such an option in the next update.

    Thank You!